Our Philosophy

We aspire to present wines that are both indulgent and delightful, following the cherished Bordeaux tradition…

Aging in barrels, blending, crafting complex wines for aging – for us, wine is akin to gastronomy: by subtly and creatively blending flavors that the finest wines were crafted. We proudly uphold our commitment to the terroirs and Bordeaux traditions. It is out of the question of just blindly following trends or shy away from the essences that define Bordeaux wines.

Once our wines are crafted with precision, they are blended to bring out the aromatic potency of each grape variety. Our goal is to attain a state of equilibrium and harmony in our wines, allowing them to convey the profound richness of the terroir and emphasize our deep connection to Bordeaux.

Nonetheless, our winery doesn’t limit itself to tradition alone. We consistently strive for innovation and self-reinvention because tradition doesn’t equate to standing still! For our special edition wines, we have made a deliberate choice to liberate ourselves from the strict regulations that govern appellation wines, opting instead for a more flexible and creative approach. That’s why we have decided to create this unconventional range under Wine of France, to breaking away from the beaten path and offering distinct wines that remain deeply rooted in the Bordeaux terroir. These wines provide a new tasting experience, distinct from the classic range, with a fresh palette of flavors.

Vine Growing

We are deeply committed to cultivating our vineyards in the most natural and environmentally friendly way possible. All of our rows are 100% grass-covered, nurturing the soil to support the natural growth of fauna and flora..

The vines should no longer be a monoculture, and it is crucial to allow the development of other forms of life in order to recreate a sustainable ecosystem.

We refrain from the use of herbicides and employ mechanical methods to tend to our soils. Blades are used only to lift the grass around the base of the vines.


Transition to Organic Growth

Our deep connection to nature has naturally guided us toward choosing organic methods. Our vineyard has always been tended to in the most environmentally friendly manner, which is why we made the decision to pursue organic certification in 2020.

Regarding treatments, we now rely solely on copper and sulfur to combat diseases like mildew and powdery mildew.

Attachement to Bordeaux

Our affection for Bordeaux and its wines is something we wholeheartedly embrace! Bordeaux wines are intricate and require meticulous craftsmanship: selecting the finest plots to grow vines, vinifying the different grape varieties separately for the necessary duration in a range of vessels (barrels, tanks, amphora), and finally, skillfully blending them to unlock their fullest potential. It’s akin to a conductor’s role, where the winemaker must harmonize with the climate, grape varietals, and containers to present wines that are both rich and complex!



Vinification represents a pivotal step in the wine-making process. The year-round efforts in the vineyard yield high-quality grapes, and it is during vinification that the enchantment unfolds, converting the fruit into wine.

Our classic collections undergoes vinification in stainless steel tanks and/or barrels. As for special editions this year, we have decided to age our white wine in a stoneware amphora and our red wine in a terracotta amphora.

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