Vignobles Meynard, the art of making Bordeaux

Wines produced in the pure Bordeaux tradition but not only! Our new quirky range will delight those looking for something new..

chapter 1
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chapter 2

We want to offer pleasant wines in the pure Bordeaux tradition……

Aging in oak barrels, blends, complex wines of guard. Wine is like gastronomy to us: it is by mixing flavors with subtlety and creativity that we obtain the greatest wines. The attachment to the terroir and to Bordeaux is claimed; we do not want to be in a passing fad and turn our back on what makes Bordeaux wines..

Our wines are vinified and blend with care; to bring out the aromatic power of each grape variety in order to achieve a balance and harmony that express all the richness of the terroir and marks our belonging to Bordeaux.

But tradition is not the only keyword of the vineyard. We constantly try to create and reinvent ourselves: tradition does not mean immobility! This is put forward by our desire to create an “offbeat” range in Vin de France in order to offer different wines that are still firmly rooted in the Bordeaux region. These wines offer a new taste palette for different tasting moments compared to the classic range.

chapter 3
The winery


The Meynard Vineyards are the alliance of two-family properties transmitted by the Meynard family in the Castillon-Côtes-de-Bordeaux and Saint-Émilion appellations and by the Gauthier Dumas family in the Bordeaux appellations..

chapter 4

Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux
Saint Emilion Grand Cru

chapter 5
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