Wine-making calls for a true orchestration among the oenologist, the cellar master, the winemaker, the various tanks, and the different vineyards.

Like a classical music concert, a dance ballet, or the creation of a gourmet dish, winemaking is unique and ephemeral and must captivate its audience. Similar to these artistic movements, we strive to create a vintage masterpiece each year, composed with the climate, terroirs, grape varieties, and people. A unique work of art every year.


We have chosen to draw inspiration from classical art to rebrand our products. As we have found common traits with our approach to crafting our wines: a sense of proportion, a preference for well-balanced compositions, a quest for the harmony of forms, and a preference for restraint in expression. Our collection has been renamed “classic” in homage to this movement that constantly seeks balance and harmony.

We have also aimed to convey these values on our labels: the geometric stripes of varying sizes and colors represent the grape varieties and their proportions in each wine.



Our new special edition is proven to be rather unconventional this time. We have been taking inspiration from Art Nouveau, which marked a clear break from the conventions of classical art. It’s an art characterized by curves and arabesques, deeply connected to nature, craftsmanship, and femininity. It’s a subtle yet accessible art form. These values have been part of our family’s DNA for generations, and it was only natural for us to draw inspiration from this movement for our special edition wines.

Poetic names, paying tribute to viewpoints or sites dear to Vignobles Meynard, make up this unconventional collection.

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