Vineyard Meynard, the Art of Bordeaux Wines


chapter 1
our domaine

As a family-run vineyard, Meynard extend beyond the borders of appellations. On our property in Saint-Magne de Castillon, we produce red, white and rosé wines under appellation of Bordeaux, as well as red wines under the “Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux” appellation. Additionally, we craft a Saint-Émilion Grand Cru at our estate in Saint-Émilion.

chapter 2
Our collections of wines

Classic Collection Wines

Special Edition Wines

We have 2 product ranges: a series of classic collection wines, and few special edition wines. Both of them reflect our vision of wine making and our philosophy. The classic range represents our deep connection to Bordeaux tradition of blending and aging, while the creative range allows us to express more freely our artistic and spontaneous side in the process of winemaking and aging. Whatever your preference in wine may be, you will find something to delight you here!

chapter 3
Our online store


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