At Vineyard Meynard, the harmony between humanity and nature guides our everyday decisions. Facing a rapidly evolving agricultural landscape marked by organisationnel, social, and climate-related challenges, we as vine-growers play a pivotal role. Embracing this role, we are committed to sustainable viticulture, actively minimising our environmental footprint and dedicating ourselves to the preservation of natural resources.

A Time-Honored Sustainable Model

We have always been at the forefront of responsible practices in corporate social responsibility (CSR). Sustainability is the backbone of our values and is reflected in every aspect of our work. From the eco-design of our products to the preservation of biodiversity and historical heritage, each action integrates environmental, economic, and social considerations.

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Enhancing the Environment: High Environmental Value Certification

Our vineyard takes pride in having achieved the Level 5 High Environmental Value (HVE) certification, a recognition of our dedication to sustainable and eco-friendly viticulture practices.

This accreditation showcases our resolve to surpass traditional viticulture standards. It highlights our forward-thinking environmental policy, centered on the meticulous and sustainable management of natural resources and a phytosanitary approach that both respects and bolsters biodiversity, all while reducing our ecological footprint.

By adhering to strict European standards, we ensure a wine production that is not only of high quality but also in harmony with the preservation of our ecosystem.

Ecological Transition: Moving Towards Organic Agriculture

Our journey towards organic agriculture is a deliberate move that reflects our commitment to environmental integrity and authentic quality. Initiated in 2021, this transition is a testament to our desire to reinvent our farming practices in line with the principles of sustainable agriculture.

We have embraced practices like avoiding chemical herbicides and mechanically tending to the soil, which allows the native biodiversity to flourish in our vineyard. We exclusively use natural treatments like copper and sulfur to shield our vines from diseases. This underscores our dedication to maintaining the purity and health of our environment

Aiming to achieve organic certification by 2024, we highlight our long-term commitment to a viticulture that deeply respects the land and promotes the sustainable well-being of our vines, our community, and the wine industry

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy

At Vignobles Meynard, our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy is driven by a holistic eco-friendly vision, which manifests in concrete actions aimed at reducing our ecological footprint and promoting sustainable development at all levels of our operations. We are committed to minimizing pesticide use and nurturing biodiversity, while enhancing social cohesion and anticipating challenges posed by climate change.

To achieve this, we have established four fundamental pillars that guide our initiatives and commitments:

  • Economic Sustainability: We are committed to ensuring the long-term viability of our economic activities, making sure that every decision made today contributes to the health and prosperity of our company for future generations.
  • Environmental Protection: We engage in sustainable agriculture, reducing the use of agrochemicals and plowing, while enhancing the biodiversity of our vineyard.
  • Social Well-Being: The welfare of our employees, local communities, and customers is at the heart of our concerns. We implement policies that promote a safe and fulfilling work environment for everyone.
  • Promoting the Region: We are dedicated to enhancing the reputation of our region, ensuring that the quality of our products and agricultural methods truly represent the excellence of our local terroir.
We are currently on the path to obtaining a CSR certification that will formalize our commitment and actions in this area. This marks our ambition to officially meet these recognized standards in the near future, thereby reflecting our ongoing dedication to social and environmental responsibility.

In practice, our efforts are varied and focused :

  • We optimise the management of our natural resources to minimise negative environmental impacts.
  • We use integrated pest management methods to promote dynamic biodiversity and create specific areas to support fauna and flora.
  • We initiate efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, considering all stages of production, from the vineyard to the bottle.

These commitments are the cornerstone of our identity and underscore our determination to be a responsible and environmentally respectful actor, while offering exceptional products to our customers.

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